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unlockFan - How it works?

The easiest method to unlock your cellphone is by code. Based on the information you provide us we will generate an unlocking code for your device.
Here are the details we need in order to generate your code:
1.IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity). This is an unique serial number that identifies your phone. You can get your handset's IMEI in two ways: Dial *#06# and your phone will display a 15 digits number or please check the sticker on the back of your phone underneath the battery.
2.Phone model

How to enter the unlock code?
For most cell phones out there it is very easy to enter the unlock code. All you need to do is to follow the steps from bellow:
1.Insert a non-accepted SIM card and turn on your phone.
2.Once opened, on the screen will appear a message like this "SIM Unlock Code is needed to use the phone".
3.Enter the 8 or 16 digit unlock code you received from SafeUnlockCode.
4.Your handset is now unlocked!

Please remember that the unlock process is 100% safe and once your phone is unlocked, you can switch GSM carriers whenever you like, all while keeping the same phone. Our unlocking service will unlock your phone safely and effectively or we will make a full refund to you!

After your order has been processed successfully, we will send the unlocking code to you via email and also the instructions on how to use it!

Money back guarantee*

Money back guarantee
If the code doesn't work we'll give you the money back!


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