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LG Unlock - Overview!

Looking to unlock your LG mobile phone? Do you want to use it with any GSM SIM Card worldwide? If yes, UnlockFan can provide you the unlock codes for your handset. 

100% safe process and NO technical skills required!

Once you receive the code for your IMEI number, your LG phone will be unlocked in less than 5 minutes!

The codes can be used for the latest models, such as: LG G5, G4, K10, K7, G Stylo and more (see here the full list of phones we can unlock)

We can generate the codes for most GSM Carriers across the world, including: AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, Rogers, O2, Orange, EE, Fido, Vodafone and many more!

Note: for devices that requires to be unlocked via unlock application there will be no unlock codes generated and the unlock will be done via unlock application!

Important Unlocking Guidelines!

Please make sure you send us the correct information before submiting the order:

1. Provide the correct IMEI. (Please dial *#06# on your phone to get the IMEI number)

2. Select the original carrier and country of your device and NOT the one you wish to use after the unlock process!

Please note that we will not make any refunds to you if you place a wrong order by not fulfilling the requirements mentioned above!

Note: Before placing the order, please check first that your LG handset is not “Hard locked” in which happens if it was entered an wrong code too many times previously. It will display 0 attempts to enter the unlock code if its hardlocked.

Tutorial - How to Unlock LG?

Here is a step-by-step guide to unlock your LG device.

1. Send us few details:

  • The IMEI number (dial *#06).
  • The original country and network where your handset is SIM locked.
  • Your email address where you want to receive the code.

2. Pay securely via PayPal.

3. When the codes are ready we will email it to you.

Instructions on how to unlock your LG phone by using the code:

  • Insert another SIM card into your phone and wait for your phone to read “Enter unlock code” or “Pin Network Unlock Code”. Then insert first the network unlock code and your device will be unlocked.

If your phone doesn't ask for the code and there is no available field to enter it, please contact us.

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Money back guarantee
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